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Texas A & M

Online Gifts

The online giving site is a convenient way to make a pledge payment or support your favorite college, department or program.

If you know which college or unit you would like to support, select the appropriate College/Unit Giving Form in the left navigation.

If you plan to make online gifts regularly through the site, we recommend completing the registration process to set up an account login. This will save you time when filling out the donation form. You are NOT required to set up an account in order to make an online gift.

Step 1: Your Gift
Enter your contact information. Also, indicate whether you are giving as an individual or on behalf of a corporation/foundation/organization.

: Select the third radio button, labeled “Direct my gift to a specific account.” This will open an internal window that allows you to choose the specific account(s) you would like to support. Tip: Use the CTRL+F search function on your keyboard to quickly locate a college, department or account name.

An endowment is a permanent fund that lasts in perpetuity; all endowments will have "endowed" or "endowment" in their account name listing in the pop-up box. Operating funds are used for current operations and DO NOT last in perpetuity. These accounts DO NOT have "endowed" or "endowment" in their name.

IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR DESIRED ACCOUNT LISTED: The Foundation handles numerous accounts, so not all are listed. Select the second radio button, labeled "Contribute to an account not listed above (enter data below)." Type the name or number of the account where you wish to contribute in the field labeled “Gift Fund Name or Number.”

If you do not have the exact account name, please include enough identifying information in the provided box so that we can direct your funds according to your wishes. The Foundation will credit the account that most closely matches the name of the account. Example: You list "Small Animal Clinic," we will credit the Department of Veterinary Small Animal Medicine account.

FOR GENERAL MEMORIAL GIFTS: Select the first radio button, labeled “Make a gift to the general memorial.” You will have the opportunity to enter specific tribute information further down on the form.

Donation Amount:
Enter the gift amount you would like to contribute to the account you selected. There is a minimum gift amount of $25. 

Is this a one-time or recurring gift?
Select whether you would like to make a one-time or recurring gift. The Scheduled Payments option allows you to make your gift in smaller payments over a set period of time. The Perpetual Gift option allows you to make an ongoing gift commitment with no end date.

Note: When your credit card for a recurring gift expires in the future, contact the Foundation to update the expiration date. If your credit card is ever cancelled, you will need to re-enter your recurring gift.

If this is a pledge payment, enter number:
If you are making a pledge payment, please enter the pledge number or account name in the available box.

I would like my gift to honor someone special:
If you are making a gift in honor or memory of someone, please indicate the tribute type, name and occasion. If you would like a gift notification to be sent to the individual or family, please include their name(s) and mailing address.

Additional comments or instructions:
If you have any additional instructions for your gift, enter those in the box provided.

Click on "Proceed to Step 2."

Is this you?
If we are able to locate you in our database based on your email address, last name or class year, an internal window will appear with a list of possible matches. Check the box next to your record and click “Confirm Match.” If you do not see your record or do not wish to match, click “Continue without matching.”

Step 2: Your Information
Enter any additional contact information you would like to provide. We require the gender field to assist with gift receipting and database accuracy. If you are giving on behalf of an organization, you will also need to indicate the name of the corporation/foundation/organization and your job title.

State Registration
The Foundation is registered with the appropriate authority in states requiring registration for solicitation. Contact us to obtain information about our registration. If you live in California, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington or West Virginia, review the information for notices required by your state about how to obtain information on the Foundation's registration in your state of residence.

If the receipting address is different from the address on the credit card, click the arrow:
You will enter credit card billing information on the next step. If the address where the gift receipt should be mailed is different from the address that is tied to the credit card, click the blue arrow to open an additional set of address fields.

Employer Gift Matching:
If you are giving as an individual, you have the option to take advantage of a matching gift program. Select the "My employer will match my gift" checkbox. Select the "Click here to find your Company " link to open an internal window to search for your company. Click “Select” once you have found your company to close the window. The company name will automatically populate in the “My employer” field.

I would like more information on:
Select any opportunities that you would like someone from the Foundation to contact you about.

Click on "Proceed to Step 3."

Step 3: Billing

Enter your billing address and credit card information.

Click "Next."

Please note: Many credit card companies have fraud detection systems that block your account from charging large amounts online. Please check with your credit card company before making a gift of $1,000 or more on this site.

Step 4: Confirmation

Review your donation information. IMPORTANT: Your transaction will not be complete until you review the information and click “Confirm.”

Click “Confirm” to process your gift.


Step 5: Finish
You will see a page confirming your gift. You will receive a follow-up email confirming the gift as well as a printed receipt needed for income tax deductions; the receipt is mailed through the U.S. Postal Service.

To offset fees from our credit card processors, the Foundation charges a fee (currently at 3 percent) for gifts made via credit card. For non-endowed gifts, the fee is charged and paid when the gift is made. For endowed gifts, the fee is charged against the future income earned in the account; the entire gift is recorded in the endowment principal. Please note: This fee does not affect the portion of your donation considered a charitable donation for IRS receipting and A&M giving totals.